You may have heard of breast augmentation Australia and would want to know if you can be a good candidate for this very popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Before getting too excited, here are some information you need to know about the breast augmentation procedure in Australia.


Breast Augmentation Australia: To research or not to research?

Searching online for valuable data about a specific procedure for research and comparison is helpful, but the information you may find on the internet may not always be reliable. In this case, we would suggest talking to your regular GP as the best way to start inquiring about breast augmentation. Your GP knows your medical history and may give you fair and truthful facts about the procedure, and he can tell if this is the right cosmetic surgery method to address your needs.



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Breast Augmentation Australia: The implants

You can have your breast enhancements through the use of breast implants or fat transfer. Fat transfer uses your own body fat harvested through liposuction from a problem area (thigh, abdomen, hips, etc.). The excess fat is then prepared as an injectable solution and used as the main breast augmentation material. This method is the natural and more conservative way to enhance your breasts.

Breast augmentation also uses breast implants in different shapes, sizes, and textures. These implants may be filled with a saltwater solution (saline implants) or silicone gel (silicone implants). Round and teardrop-shaped implants are also available depending on the type of breast enhancement you want to achieve. Furthermore, some implants have textures that allow them to easily stick to the breast pocket and prevent implant displacement.



Breast Augmentation Australia: The surgeon

Finding the best plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation may seem easy, but it could turn into a complicated scenario with a snap of a finger. One can surely feel overwhelmed with so many details about breast augmentation that the reliability of your surgeon gets set aside. Here are some questions you may want to politely ask your doctor so you can be sure that he is the right fit for the job:

  • How long have you been practicing your profession?
  • Have you been performing this procedure a lot?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • Can I take a look at your before and after gallery?
  • What are the common complications you have encountered when performing breast augmentation?
  • Where will my surgery take place?
  • What should I expect after surgery?
  • How long will it take for me to recover from the surgery and return to work?
  • Will I have problems after surgery with regard to breastfeeding and dissatisfaction with the results?

Knowing the answers to these questions or just asking those gives the plastic surgeon the chance to discuss all things about his expertise and experience with breast augmentation. This conversation will also give you the opportunity to gauge his knowledge and capacity to become the ideal plastic surgeon for you.


Breast Augmentation Australia: The procedure cost

If you started searching the internet about the cost of breast augmentation Australia offers, you might find that an exact cost analysis of the procedure (or any cosmetic surgery procedure for that matter) is unavailable. Many cosmetic clinics may provide certain price ranges for a particular variable in the procedure like the surgeon’s fees or the hospital costs. However, total costing or breakdown of expenses cannot be found due to a law that prohibits all medical establishments and practitioners to divulge inexact prices for each procedure.

Generally, breast augmentation cost in Australia would typically reach $6000 to $13000. Some cosmetic surgery clinics or plastic surgeons lower the costs by performing the surgery in their own clinics or offices instead of hospitals. Although this method makes your expenses cheaper and more convenient, be mindful of the consequences it may entail. Discuss this with your surgeon so that his guidance may enlighten you and convince you that cutting corners to save money is not an option.

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