Ask any person about their ideal female body, and everyone will include having big breasts as part of the equation. Men find women with fuller breasts sexier, and women want the hourglass figure that comprises of big breasts, a narrow waist, and voluptuous hips. So for girls and women to achieve this perfect physique, most of them opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Here, let us find out the breast augmentation cost you need to expect if you think that this plastic surgery procedure would fit your needs.


How much does a breast augmentation cost?

In Australia, a breast augmentation cost is expected at around $6000 to $15000 with an average price tag of about $9000. Costs can vary, and some price quotations may or may not include the factors that some up for your whole procedure. In a breast augmentation cost estimate, you must expect to pay for the following:


  • The breast implants (if using traditional breast augmentation procedure)
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthesia fee (the medicine and the anaesthesiologist’s/anaesthetist’s fee)
  • The facility or hospital fees
  • Pre-Screening tests or laboratory work
  • Medications (analgesics, antibiotics, and anticoagulants)
  • Garments to be worn during recovery (supportive bra, compression bandages)
  • Additional surgical procedure necessary for the breast augmentation (liposuction for fat transfer augmentation)


Can Medicare and my insurance help with my breast augmentation cost?

Medicare does not cover cosmetic surgery procedures. Surgery that is purely aesthetic in nature and does not correct a medical illness or disease is considered elective surgery and would not be considered part of your Medicare coverage. However, if the reason for your breast augmentation surgery involves correction of a body deformity from an accident or an effect of treatment for a life-threatening disease like cancer, there is a chance that Medicare will allow rebates on a portion of your breast augmentation cost.

In the case of your health insurance, your breast augmentation cost can be covered if the insurance policy you have includes coverage for plastic surgery procedures. Not all insurance providers offer this policy to make your monthly premiums more affordable. But if you are planning on getting cosmetic surgery done in the future, you may start thinking about adding this coverage so your health insurance can help pay for the expenses in the future. Just a tip: be aware of your insurance’s waiting period. Some major insurance companies impose a 6 or 12-month waiting period before you can be allowed to use your insurance benefits for plastic surgery. Plan ahead so you can be sure that by the time that you are scheduled for your breast augmentation, part of your surgery’s cost may be covered without hassle.


What else should I consider in preparing my breast augmentation cost?

It is wise to anticipate the expenses involved during and after the procedure towards your recovery. While the recovery period for your surgical wounds could last for only about one to five days, the remainder of your recuperation may continue for a few more months, as pain and swelling may still be present on and off during this time.

Care for your wounds properly. Follow the wound care instructions provided by the surgeon so that optimum care and management of your surgical wounds are ensured and no unwanted complications including infection can occur.

Take some days off. Plan your vacation leave before scheduling your breast augmentation. You’ll need to arrange vacation time away from work for the day of the procedure, as well as several days afterward while you recover from the initial pain.

Arrange for some assistance. You may ask for help from your relatives, neighbours, or loved ones since you need support for the next few days following your surgery. Your restrictions and movement limitations would hinder you from performing any work and activity, so ensuring that someone helps you with driving, cleaning the house, preparing healthy meals, among other things is very important. Sometimes, hiring a house help, for the time being, may be considered.


Let this information help you in preparing for your breast augmentation procedure and its cost adequately. Discuss all your concerns with your trusted plastic surgeon so he can help you understand and plan ahead.

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