We have heard of breast augmentation using breast implants to improve and increase the size and shape of your breasts. But have you heard of fat transfer breast augmentation? This procedure is the alternative approach plastic surgeons developed to address patients’ need to enhance their breasts in a less invasive way.


What is fat transfer breast augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is the surgical technique in which a patient’s own fat is transplanted and used to increase its size. The development of fat transfer technique to enhance patients’ breasts without the use of breast implants promises better results in a short amount of time.


How is fat transfer breast augmentation performed?

The procedure involves the patient to undergo liposuction. Fat from the patient’s abdomen, thighs, and flanks is harvested and prepared as a potent injection. It is then carefully introduced to the breast to reshape and increase its size naturally.


What are the benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation?


It is natural. Just the thought of enhancing your breasts the natural way is already an advantage on its own. Performing fat transfer breast augmentation uses 100% of your own body fat to enhance your breasts.


It reshapes the body. Because this procedure involves liposuction, your body also benefits from the reshaping and improvement of your breasts since unwanted fat from your problem areas is removed and transferred to body areas that need it more, in this case, your breasts. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!


It is almost scar-free. Your breasts will not have very noticeable scars since the enhancement is through injections. Only small incisions from the liposuction procedure will be noted.


What other things do I need to consider about fat transfer breast augmentation?

Of course, we have to admit that no surgery is perfect. Here are the things you may want to consider when contemplating about getting fat transfer breast augmentation.


Limited enhancement. Fat transfer breast augmentation is recommended for patients who want to have an increase in the size of their breasts of up to 1/2 to 1 cup size. This result is a bit limited compared to the increase in size breast implants can provide you.


Not for sagging breasts. Fat transfer breast augmentation can dramatically increase the size of your breasts, but it is not indicated to lift and give height to your breasts to make it more youthful.


Reabsorption of fat. Because it is naturally a part of your body, the fat transplanted to your breasts might be reabsorbed by the body. This may cause your breasts to lose size and may require you to repeat the surgery in the future.


More expensive. You must be reminded that there are two procedures performed when doing fat transfer breast augmentation; liposuction and the fat transfer itself. Doing two surgeries in one setting entails a higher and more expensive fee compared to the traditional breast augmentation techniques.



With all the many surgical procedures available on the market nowadays, it is still best to consult a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon whenever you are thinking about improving your looks through plastic surgery. It is their specialty to educate you and guide you in choosing the correct plastic surgery procedures that would address your needs appropriately.

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